In Miami, there are many boat on the water. Unfortunately, many of these boat all look the same, with the same aesthetics and style. With custom yacht carpentry, your vessel could be transformed to exhibit features of complete luxury. If you are looking for a change for your boat, making a difference to your vessel’s interior can be easier than you think. Professional carpenters, such as those at Dennis Boatworks, work to ensure that your needs are met. With our expert team of carpenters, we can get to work and finish your projects by the agreed upon deadline. Contact us today if you are interested.


  1. The Benefits of Remodeling Your Yacht’s Kitchen

    Gone are the days where kitchens only served a functional purpose and looks didn’t matter. Modern interior design makes it so that kitchens, whether in homes or on boats, must be equally functional and beautiful. On yachts where space is limited, achieving this balance can be particularly challenging.   Fortunately, Dennis Boatworks in Fort Lauderdale has years of experience providing high-qua…Read More

  2. Custom Yacht Carpentry: Key Features to Include on Your Yacht

    Whether you own or charter a boat, a yacht should feel like a home away from home. Your yacht should feel special, comfortable, and original. Achieving this often means taking your boat to the next level with custom yacht carpentry. Custom pieces and small details can make a huge difference in both the function and appearance of your yacht. To achieve the exact look and feel that you want, you wil…Read More

  3. A banner showing custom interiors with a red-colored wood: a bedroom, a bathroom, and an office space built by Dennis Boatworks.

    How to Optimize Storage Space on a Yacht Part 2

    Optimizing Storage Space on Your Marine Vessel In our last blog, we were discussing how storage space in yachts needs to be utilized to the fullest. Even the largest yacht in the world can still struggle finding a safe place to store all important objects. If you have high-quality and expensive items, it only makes sense that you would want to care for them the best you can. Aside from just offeri…Read More

  4. A banner of three images of different custom storage options: wall mounted baskets holding fruit, safe dish storage, and mounted magazine rack from Dennis Boatworks.

    How to Optimize Storage Space on a Yacht Part 1

    How to Optimize Storage Space on a Yacht Your yacht is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland and take a deep breath of salty sea air. On your floating oasis, you can relax and appreciate what really matters. But, if you have a yacht, you may have already realized that space can be limited and weight can be an issue. For instance, you don’t want to weigh your yacht …Read More

  5. A banner of three images of different cabinet carpentry options: a dark wood in the kitchen, a light brown for an entertainment center, and a red wood for another entertainment center from Dennis Boatworks.

    The Benefits of Custom Carpentry

    Why Custom Products are Ideal Everyone wants to be unique — to be different from everyone else. It is true that no two people are similar, but that is not to say that there aren’t similar people in the world. Being original is something that seems to be a lost quality these days. More and more, products are becoming regurgitations of things that came before them, lacking in any originality or …Read More