Your yacht is special to you, which is all the more reason to have it look its best. Contact the professional carpenters from Dennis Boatworks! We will ensure that your carpentry project is completed on-time, with extreme attention to detail and quality. Our marine carpenters are able to construct incredible projects that can transform the interior of your yacht or vessel. Best of all, our services extend far beyond typical carpentry services; we also offer marine decking services and specialty storage compartment construction. Contact us today if you are interested in our custom carpentry services in Miami. We look forward to serving you.

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    Why Choosing Your Yacht Materials is Important

    Why Your Yacht Materials are Vital to Your Vessel Choosing the right materials for your marine vessels is essential to its look, style, and durability. The wrong choice could have you feeling lackluster about your incredible yacht or boat. It is completely natural to want the best, and with the right amount of information, you will have the education to make better decisions. In this blog, we will…Read More

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    Materials Used in Marine Carpentry

    Materials Used in Custom Yacht Carpentry For those that don’t know much about carpentry, you would assume that custom carpenters only utilize a select group of materials to work with. For instance, wood is a very popular medium for carpenters to use in order to construct chairs, tables, cabinets, custom shelves, and so much more! But, the contrary is true; expert carpenters are actually masters …Read More